You are expecting a baby - Congratulations!

Your body is going through some major changes and a good fitting maternity and nursing bra should be at the top of your shopping list. Pregnancy hormones stimulate the breast glands in early pregnancy making your breasts swollen and tender, this is to prepare them for feeding. You need to be fitted in a supportive and comfortable bra allowing your breasts and ribcage to expand. Correct fitting during pregnancy and feeding can help to prevent or minimise mastitis, back pain and stretch marks on your breasts.

You can be fitted for a nursing bra up to 2 weeks before your due date. As your breasts are heavier and larger during nursing, they need sufficient support to retain their shape.

We all have training and a great deal of experience in this area of fitting, as most of us are mums too! We can help you select the right size and best style for you.